Errors in Home Health Comparative Billing Reports
Monday, February 4, 2013
by: VNAA Policy Team

Section: Public Policy and Advocacy

VNAA is aware that 5,000 home health providers have recently received inaccurate Comparative Billing Reports (CBR). (Not all agencies received a CBR report so if your agency did not receive one, you should not be concerned.)
VNAA has spoken directly to David Quintanilla who serves as Education Outreach Director for CBR Services, which has produced these reports for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

CBR Services is a subsidiary of SafeGuard Services, LLC, which is a Zone Program Integrity Contractor (ZPIC). CBR’s contract with CMS is strictly provider education with a “firewall” between its actions and that of the ZPIC.  
CRB Services has recognized that home health reports it sent out recently are erroneous and they are taking the following steps:

  1. Responding to phone calls from providers calling with concerns about errors in their reports.
  2. Finalizing CMS approval on a communication to be faxed to all the providers who received the reports with errors. 
  3. CBR Services should be updating their CBR Website soon. Providers can check back on the Website to see the error communication letter. Click here to review the CBR Website.
CBR Services will provide corrected reports to these 5,000 agencies but at this time, no date has been set for the revised reports.   
There will be a hospice CBR issued in June 11, 2013. It is a repeat report from January 2011, so if you did not participate in the first report you will not be included on the new CBR.
VNAA will continue to work with CBR Services to notify providers of this data error and subsequent communications. In addition, VNAA has raised concerns about vulnerable patients, risk sharing and their current model of communicating this information. 
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