Hospice Quality Reporting Notification of Non-Compliance and Reconsideration Requests
Tuesday, June 18, 2013
by: VNAA Policy Team

Section: Public Policy and Advocacy

In June 2013, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Servics (CMS) will notify hospices that failed to meet the HQRP requirements. Providers who receive notification of non-compliance will have the opportunity to submit reconsideration requests, prior to any reduction in payment.


To comply with Hospice Quality Reporting Program (HQRP) requirements impacting the annual payment update (APU) for FY 2014, hospice providers that had a valid CMS Certification Number (CCN) as of October 1, 2012 were required to submit data for the structural measure by January 31, 2013 and data for the NQF #0209 Pain Measure by April 1, 2013. Providers that were required to submit data but missed either deadline may be found non-compliant and subject to a 2 percentage point reduction in their APU for 2014.


What to do if you receive notification of non-compliance:

Hospices that believe they have been erroneously identified as non-compliant may submit a request for reconsideration to CMS within 30 days from the date of the notification of non-compliance. Any request for reconsideration must be accompanied by supporting documentation demonstrating compliance.


How to submit a reconsideration request:

Reconsideration requests must be sent to CMS via email. More detailed instructions on how to submit reconsideration requests can be found on the HQRP Reconsideration Requests Web page. Hospices may submit questions related to the reconsideration request requirements to: HospiceQRPReconsiderations@cms.hhs.gov.

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