What to expect from the new VNAA.org
Monday, December 17, 2012
by: Aesah Lew, VNAA Communications Team

Section: VNAA Updates

The New VNAA.org

Do you need a login? Email Database@vnaa.org
The VNAA Team is excited to launch the new VNAA.org just in time for the Holidays! With this dynamic, easy-to-navigate platform, VNAA will better inform you and other members of your team of new information and events that will help you continue to survive and thrive in a competitive field and achieve your mission. 

In our efforts to make this as smooth a transition as possible and to provide you with uninterrupted access to VNAA resources, the Member Update and any member-only webpages will not require a login until Friday, December 21. All member CEOs will receive their new usernames and passwords in the coming days, as will staff who provided their contact information to the VNAA Communications Team this past November. Members who did not have the chance to provide VNAA staff with additional contact information can email database@vnaa.org for further instructions. 

Visit our welcome page to learn more about the new navigation menu and new tools that will help you connect better with us and with your fellow members. Should you have any questions, the VNAA staff stands ready to help you navigate and use the new VNAA.org

Starting today, your VNAA.org bookmarks automatically update to go to the new VNAA.org so you will not have to take any further action. It is standard for this process take up to three days to complete because of the vast number of changes that need to be made, so we ask for your patience if you continue to see the old Website when navigating through your bookmarks.  

We are thrilled to be ending this year and starting the new one with the new VNAA.org, and are looking forward to continue serving you in 2013!

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