Is Your Agency Taking Advantage of All Your VNAA Member Benefits?
VNAA MVP Makes a Difference
Tuesday, July 2, 2013
by: VNAA Member Services Team

Section: VNAA Updates

VNAA MVP is a group buying program that offers VNAA members choice, solutions, and most importantly, significant savings when it comes to purchasing medical, hospice, infusion, and office supplies, pharmacy and food services, and capital equipment. In 2012, just under one half of VNAA’s members saved more than their cost of membership.
Here are the top ten reasons why you should take advantage of this value added member benefit:
  1. There is no additional cost to sign up: Your VNAA member dues are your ticket to participate in the VNAA Member Value Plan (“VNAA MVP”.) 
  2. Save money: Reduce the amount of money spent on medical and office supplies. 
  3. Recapture your VNAA membership dues: Under the current VNAA savings plan one third of our members saved more than 100% of their dues in 2012. VNAA MVP promises to save much more! 
  4. Business as usual: Chances are you will not have to change whom you buy your supplies from; they will just be less expensive. 
  5. Consolidate your sourcing:When possible, committing to buying from one source can save money, not only on supplies, but by also streamlining procurement processes. 
  6. Preserve your programs: Do not let budget cuts reduce your mission’s effectiveness. Saving money on supplies could allow re-allocation of resources to areas where those resources are greatly needed. 
  7. You will not be alone: VNAA staff is on hand to help you every step of the way. 
  8. Strength in numbers: There are more than 700,000 line items within 4,000 different supply and service contracts with over 400 healthcare related vendors.
  9. Web-Based contract catalog: Use the speed of the Internet to manage your supply chain while uncovering countless savings opportunities. 
  10. Reward your employees:From cellphones to rental cars, VNAA MVP participating agencies have access to special programs that also offer savings directly to their employees.

Are you participating? Check out some of the deal availale to VNAA members by visiting the MVP Website. You can also contact Chuck Koch at or 202-384-1457.  

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