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Taking Advantage of VNAA MVP
Friday, September 13, 2013
by: VNAA Member Services

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Regular reports received by VNAA staff from VNAA’s Preferred Vendors continuously prove the point that participating in VNAA’s Member Value Plan (VNAA MVP) is one of the simplest ways to get the most value from VNAA membership. When fully utilized, VNAA MVP can easily save a member agency more than the cost of its affiliate member dues.

VNAA MVP consists of three components; VNAA’s Preferred Vendors, VNAA’s affiliation with MedAssets and VNAA’s sponsored partners. Altogether, these components are designed to help VNAA members save money on the supplies and services used every day. Listed below are some of the vendors and benefits that are a part of VNAA MVP. For more detailed descriptions, please visit the VNAA MVP Website.

Preferred Vendors:
ADP– Savings on payroll and other HR services.
AT&T – Savings on cell phone service. This can be a great benefit to offer employees.
Briggs Healthcare– Savings on forms and medical supplies.
CareWatch– Savings on electronic visit verification services.
The Corridor Group – Savings on consulting services and educational programming.
Healthwyse– Savings on clinical and financial software designed for home care, hospice and private duty.
Honeywell HomMed– HoneyWell HomMed offers savings on telemonitoring equipment.
Omni Medical Supply – Savings on medical supplies.
Philips Lifeline – Savings on PERS. Start a Lifeline program at your agency and save.
VaxServe – Savings on Fluzone influenza vaccine and medical supplies
GlaxoSmithKline– Savings on influenza vaccine and many other vaccines.
MedImmune – Savings on Flumist nasal spray vaccine.
VNAA Sponsored Partners:
Unemployment Services Trust (UST)
Visiting Nurse Associations of America has partnered with the Unemployment Services Trust (UST) since 2002 to help members lower the cost of unemployment at their nonprofit. Founded by nonprofits for nonprofits, UST is a grantor Trust, owned by its members, that has spent the past 30 years helping members carefully manage their claims costs through ongoing education, expert claims management, and reserve building.

Nonprofits have the exclusive opportunity to take advantage of a federal law that lets them opt out of the state unemployment tax and only pay the dollar-for-dollar costs of benefits paid to their former employees. For organizations with 10 or more employees, this can mean thousands of dollars in savings. For more information, contact one of UST’s Unemployment Cost Advisors at (888) 249- 4788 or fill out a complimentary Savings Evaluation here.

With over 134,000 members, MedAssets is one of the largest Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO) serving health care providers in the United States. MedAssets leverages the buying power of these members to bring them significant savings on more than 700,000 supply items from hundreds of manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.

Through VNAA’s affiliation with MedAssets, VNAA member agencies have access to these savings. This means that even small, independent home health and hospice agencies can get the same pricing advantages as large hospital systems. In order to access these savings, VNAA members need to complete a Participation Agreement which is available on VNAA’s MVP Website.

Please direct any questions regarding VNAA MVP to Chuck Koch by either email or calling 202-384-1457. 
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