Educating Older Adults about the Benefits of Influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccination
Marketing Support Opportunity Submission Deadline - April 25
Tuesday, April 22, 2014
by: VNAA Member Services Team

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Marketing Support Opportunity for VNAA Members

Educating Older Adults about the Benefits of Influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccination with Integration of Fluzone High-Dose Vaccine


Deadline for Submissions: Friday, April 25, 2014

VNAA will accept online submissions through Friday, April 25 for the Fluzone High-Dose marketing support opportunity. Awards will be granted on Friday, May 2.
The purpose of this program and marketing support opportunity is for community services providers to develop and hold educational sessions to educate older adults on the importance and benefits of Influenza and Pneumococcal vaccination with integration of the Fluzone High-Dose Vaccine.  Fluzone High-Dose is the only presentation indicated directly for the age group of 65 and older. This is an opportunity for VNAA members to increase presence within the community and build relationships with other community organizations. Clinics are not the main goal of the sessions, but an addition should the location desire it.
Applications will be awarded marketing support based on consideration of the following criteria and requirements to be fulfilled:
  1. Total number of Fluzone High Dose doses purchased for 2013-2014 season (as an indicator of the member agency’s presence in the elder community).
  2. Marketing support will not be awarded to any applicant proposing to simply add an educational session onto an existing clinic. However, consideration will be given should the applicant show that they are able to administer vaccines in conjunction with the educational session.
  3. A brief description of the educational session to include subject matter and faculty.
  4. Description of marketing, promotional materials, and media outreach plans for these sessions.
  5. Description of the location(s) planned for these sessions.
  6. Whether or not immunizations could be administered.
  7. The amount of marketing support funding requested.
  8. Itemized and detailed description of what the marketing support funds will be used for.
  9. Willingness to submit post-event reports capturing location, number of attendees, photographs, copies of promotional materials,  vaccine doses administered, additional vaccine doses over pre-booked amount needed/used, how marketing support funds were allocated.
  10. Sign a Letter of Agreement outlining obligations and benefits of participation.
Marketing Support Applicant Guidelines:
  • Final marketing support amounts per agency are still to be determined and will be based on the number of submissions and scope of work.
  • Marketing support funding must be used toward marketing and promotions (fliers, signs, advertising, social media, graphics media outreach (news wire services, advertisements, radio spots, e-newsletters, bloggers), staff time and travel.
  • In order to streamline and standardize the application process, please apply for marketing support via the online questionnaire. To complete the questionnaire, please use the link provided below.
  • Only online submissions will be accepted.
  • One application per agency please.
Marketing Support Submission Criteria:
Please provide as much detail as possible about the educational session’s marketing/media plan and funding and budget details. Final selections will be based on creativity, program effectiveness and relevance to helping educate adults on the importance of vaccination with integration of Fluzone High-Dose within the community. We are aware that all details of agency education sessions may not be finalized now, but we need to get a sense of what the event will be like and how funds will be allocated.
We hope you find this to be a valuable opportunity, and we look forward to your submissions. Please direct any questions to Leah Dawson at ldawson@VNAA.orgor call (571) 527-1522. Thank you.
Click here to complete the online application.
One of the most common causes for elderly hospitalization and re-hospitalization is pneumococcal infection, or pneumonia, which is commonly brought on as a result of patients contracting the influenza virus. Community health providers are key in helping to reduce not only re-hospitalizations, but initial hospitalizations. Visiting nurse associations and other community health providers have a long history of providing such community health services as immunizations, indigent care and general wellness education. VNAA believes these community health providers are some of the best equipped organizations to provide programs within their communities to educate older adults about the benefits of influenza and pneumococcal vaccination. One of the prescribed “10 best practices” in VNAA’s Blueprint for Excellence: Pathway to Best Practices is pneumococcal vaccination. 
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