Have you Included VNAA in your 2015 Budget?
Thursday, September 4, 2014
by: VNAA Member Services

Section: VNAA Updates

September 4, 2014

Dear Colleagues:

At some point in the past few months, you've either spoken directly with VNAA about your agency's challenges and needs or, hopefully, attended one of our successful education and leadership events. I write to thank you for your interest in VNAA's leadership on behalf of nonprofit home health and hospice providers. I also ask that, as you begin to contemplate or develop your annual budget, you make the decision to join our leadership activities and become a full Affiliate member of VNAA in 2015.

Let me take this opportunity to share with you VNAA's 2014 achievements and the member resources VNAA members can look forward to in 2015.VNAA entered 2014 with a new strategic plan developed by the Board of Directors including four strategic goals: 1) Advocate Appropriate Access and Reimbursement; 2) Research and Promote improved outcomes, cost, value and individual and family experiences; 3) Lead innovation and transformation in new care delivery and payment models; and 4) Engage, Connect and Share Knowledge, Information and Resources. We've documented VNAA's progress in the attached document and how the pursuit of these goals advances the mission of community-based, nonprofit providers. 

Also, VNAA now offers a special opportunity for eligible providers to join at an entry level as Provisional Members. For $250.00 per year, nonprofit home health, hospice and community health providers can now experience a sampling of VNAA's member benefits. VNAA understands there are many types of providers and believes all nonprofit providers of home health care and hospice services deserve a seat at the table, regardless of their financial or operational size.  A broader and more diverse membership makes VNAA's voice louder and increases impact when speaking to stakeholders at all levels.

Provisional Members are able to upgrade to full affiliate membership at any time and receive credit for the dues they have already paid. To see if your organization is eligible for VNAA Provisional Membership or for more details, please click here.

VNAA continues to focus on advancing the value of nonprofit providers, on reducing administrative burdens and unfunded mandates, on expanding opportunities in new care delivery models, on deciphering new payment models, on developing new leadership voices among nonprofit providers and on developing new tools to improve outcomes in clinical, financial and operational activities. Click here to view the 2015 dues structure. Please join us and lend your voice to VNAA's expanding roster of outstanding leaders in home health and hospice.


Tracey Moorhead

President and CEO


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