Select Data Announces New No-Obligation Period for Renowned MasterCodingâ„¢ Services
Select Data, a VNAA Platinum Partner
Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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May 17, 2013
For Immediate Release

Select Data is proud to announce a new option on their highly regarded MasterCoding™ service. The new option provides a period in which Home Health Agencies are able to assess and use the ICD-9 and soon to be ICD-10 MasterCoding™ services with no long-term obligation. The option was added to provide a test drive period during these tumultuous times in the Home Care Industry where much is uncertain. This new no-obligation period allows agencies not sure about using an outsourced service for their coding to really put the service to the test.
The MasterCoding™ Services provide an unparalleled level of review on your documentation and coding recommendations made by the clinical coding specialists at Select Data. Agencies that utilize the service have also realized significant gains in many key areas of the business such as reimbursement, time to RAP, compliance, and quality ofcoding documentation. .
About Master Coding Services
MasterCoding™is ahighly compliant, highly specific coding service with the aim toward protecting revenue and increasing compliance within Home Health Agencies. The main benefits for agencies utilizing the service are a significant decrease in coding turn-around time, a higher level of specificity with codes used, an increase in compliance and improved reimbursement.
About Select Data
Select Data, a company that specializesin compliance in the areas of coding, agency management software and A/R Management, has provided these services to Home Health and Hospice agencies nationwide for over 20 years. Backed by teams of Home Health and Hospice Industry veterans, Select Data strives for the highest levels of customer service and compliance in every aspect of their business.
For more information contact:
Select Data, Inc.
4155 E. La Palma Ave, Suite 250
Anaheim, Ca 92807
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