When Choosing a Supplier, Is Clinical Support Important?
Monday, June 10, 2013
by: Laura Dahl Popkes RN, CWOCN

Section: Corporate Partners

Quality is paramount to health care providers facing reforms and coping with lower reimbursements.  Many manufacturers of patient care products employ clinicians to provide valuable education and support to health care providers (as customers) around their particular product offerings.  Since that is often the case, why might you seek out a distributor/supplier who also offers clinical support and education?   As a Registered Nurse since 1979, and a CWOCN since 1991, as well as a member of a distributor’s and supplier’s clinical team since 1995, I would like to share my thoughts with you.  First of all, a supplier/distributor does not generally distribute just one brand of product; hence the supplier’s clinician has a broader view of the product offerings in the marketplace.  This puts the clinician in a better position  to fully support YOU, the customer, and your preferred formulary of products; even helping you build a formulary that may cross multiple ‘brand names’ to meet your preferences.  Formulary consolidation can assist to reduce SKUs, streamline the formulary and reduce costs.  Finally, the supplier’s clinical team often collaborates with the manufacturers’ of the products included in your preferred formulary to develop education resources designed to help meet your unique needs.

Choosing a supplier who offers clinical support and expertise can be a critical element to enhancing outcomes, both clinically and financially.
Laura Dahl Popkes RN, CWOCN
McKesson Medical-Surgical Clinical Resource Team 
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