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Patient Advocacy and Support Center Services
Tuesday, May 13, 2014
by: Cardiocom

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Cardiocom’s PASS (Patient Advocacy and Support Center Services) solutions include a variety of patient management and monitoring services allowing flexibility in the level of care and types of services desired. Chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory conditions, cancer, diabetes, and chronic kidney disease are among the most common and costly problems Cardiocom can help mediate. Cardiocom provides end to end solution for chronic care management needs for all disease processes. 
PASS is different from a typical nurse call center.  Its philosophy follows the Home-Based Chronic Care Model as a care delivery model, which provides support for patients which chronic diseases in the environment where they face their daily disease management challenges – at home and in the work place.  The Chronic Care Model has four pillars or focus areas which are applicable for any chronic disease and can be utilized by a healthcare providers from any sector. The pillars are 1) high touch care, 2) theory-based self-management support, 3) evidence-based care delivery and 4) use of technology.  The capstone of this model is “patient-centeredness.” Every patient is equipped with the assistance and information they need to make informed choices about their own health. Thus, each patient is empowered to live as healthy of a life as their condition permits. The model emphasis is that patients are full participants in their care. Patient priorities and aspirations are not only integrated into their care but form the foundation of care. This is truly a “whole person” orientation with focus on both mind and body.  Cardiocom PASS solutions can help support your care managers, improve the health of your high risk population, and deliver results that prove the difference. 
Why should you consider PASS?  First, Cardiocom’s nurses have an average of 19 years of clinical experience, and hold a range of certificates in cardiac care management, diabetes, and chronic care.  Second, All PASS solutions are driven by the foundational Cardiocom proprietary clinical tool, Pathways.  Cardiocom clinical Pathways provide step-by-step decision support to help nurses make preference-sensitive care decisions. Pathways guide nurses through a sophisticated and dynamic assessment and intervention process to ensure consistent interventions, education, documentation and outcomes. This reduces variability between nurses and patients. Third, nurses focus on improving adherence to treatment plans. Through Pathways data-driven adherence outreach calls, we are able to identify patients who may have additional health concerns and address them immediately so they remain engaged and active in your program.  Cardiocom PASS clinicians work to ensure ongoing adherence to daily monitoring, Provider treatment plan with medications, follow-up provider appointments and understanding of care plan. 

All services are flexible and designed in partnership with the client to help meet your needs. Please reach out to your local Cardiocom representative for further information.  We can also provide references of other VNAA organizations that have used PASS services.    
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