CPM, 21st Edition--5 Copies

 CPM, 21st Edition--5 Copies
Clinical Procedure Manual, 21st Edition
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The 21st edition of VNAA's award-winning Clinical Procedure Manual (CPM) includes more than 300 clinical procedures to ensure high-quality and consistent care delivery for home health and hospice patients.

The CPM is a staple of home-based care agencies committed to ensuring high quality care for each patient at each visit. As the backbone of clinical practice, it is imperative that clinical procedures be performed in a consistent, reliable way by each clinician each time.

The CPM is reviewed biannually to ensure its content meets current professional guidelines and best practices while supporting its purpose; to enable providers to deliver the best care possible to patients. In this revision, contributing editors represent a diverse interdisciplinary group of professionals. This streamlined edition is based on updated professional guidelines, integrates recommended tools directly into procedures and places a new emphasis on patient/family education needs and documentation.

New for the 21st edition is a publishing partnership with the Elsevier Publishing Company. Content in the 21st edition was jointly developed and reviewed. The procedures, unless denoted as a VNAA Exclusive, are available in multiple digital products available from Elsevier Publishing Company.

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